Automatic DNS

magicLAMP has a built-in DNS resolver which will automatically resolve a number of .localhost domains to the appropriate magicLAMP container.


Simply change the DNS resolver on your host machine to

Windows Users

For Windows users, go to your Network Settings and update DNS field with for IPv4 protocol on the vEthernet (WSL) adapter.

Automatic PHP version resolution

The most notable use Auto DNS is resolving your projects to the appropriate PHP version.

You can suffix your project name with .[version].localhost, and it will be resolved to the correct php-fpm container based on the PHP version you specified in the URL.

For example: project.74.localhost will be resolved to the nginx container, which will interpret the PHP version (7.4 in this case) and execute your PHP code using the correct PHP version.

nginx will try to find your project's document root in the directory specified in the PROJECTS_DIR variable inside your .env file. It will use the public subdirectory in your project folder as the document root.

URL Document Root
my-project.72.localhost [PROJECTS_DIR]/my-project/public