Installing magicLAMP

Installing on Windows

For performance reasons, we recommend using WSL2 on Windows hosts with Ubuntu 20.04 installed Docker Desktop with WSL2 enabled. All docker and docker-compose commands should be run inside Ubuntu 20.04 in WSL. You will be able to access a bash shell for Ubuntu 20.04 from the Windows start menu.

Installing magicLAMP is easy.

Step 1

Run the following commands on your host system.

git clone
cd magicLAMP
cp .env.example .env

Step 2

Now modify the .env file to suit your needs.

.env already provides sane defaults, but you may want to change these to suit your needs.

Windows Users

For Windows users, we recommend storing your projects directory inside WSL2.

See here for more information.

Step 3

Run the following commands to pull down the containers and start them:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

Step 4 (optional)

To take full advantage of magicLAMP, you may want to use Automatic DNS and Automatic SSL.

See their respective documentation for information on how to set them up.

You're done

If you have Automatic DNS setup, you can now visit any of your projects using any PHP version by visiting <project-name>.<php-version>.localhost in your browser (e.g. my-awesome-project.74.localhost)

You can also access the magicLAMP shell which by typing ./ (or .\shell.cmd on Windows).