Automatic SSL

When you start magicLAMP for the first time, we'll automatically generate an SSL certificate authority and a wildcard SSL certificate for all PHP versions (e.g. *.74.localhost, *.73.localhost).

You can then import the magicLAMP certificate authority (data/ca/magiclamp-ca.pem) into your browser which will enable valid SSL on all your projects.


The magicLAMP certificate authority and certificates are generated when you first start magicLAMP, which makes them unique to your machine, and they are not shared with other magicLAMP users.

However, it is important to keep your certificate keys safe. Should your keys become compromised, someone could use them to sign valid certificates for any domain. This means that it would become possible for an attacker with access to your private keys to perform a man-in-the-middle attack on domains protected with SSL.

If you think your key has been compromised, remove the CA from your web browser, stop magicLAMP using docker-compose stop and delete the data/ca directory. When you start magicLAMP again, a new certificate authority and SSL certificate will be generated, which you can then import into your browser again.