Quick Start

Now you have successfully installed magicLAMP, here are some quick tips on getting started.

Accessing your projects

Your projects will be automatically resolved to their respective PHP version as follows:

URL PHP Verson Root Directory
projectname.56.localhost 5.6 PROJECTS_DIR/projectname/public
projectname.70.localhost 7.0 PROJECTS_DIR/projectname/public
projectname.71.localhost 7.1 PROJECTS_DIR/projectname/public
projectname.72.localhost 7.2 PROJECTS_DIR/projectname/public
projectname.73.localhost 7.3 PROJECTS_DIR/projectname/public
projectname.74.localhost 7.4 PROJECTS_DIR/projectname/public
projectname.80.localhost 8.0 PROJECTS_DIR/projectname/public

Accessing services

The following DNS records are resolved to their respective service automatically:

  • redis.localhost
  • mysql.localhost
  • elasticsearch.localhost
  • rabbitmq.localhost
  • memcached.localhost
  • phpmyadmin.localhost
  • postgres.localhost
  • pgadmin.localhost
  • mailcatcher.localhost
  • chrome.localhost
  • firefox.localhost

Accessing the workspace

You can access the workspace by running ./shell.sh on Linux and macOS, or .\shell.cmd on Windows.

When starting the shell, you will automatically end up in your projects directory.

Switching PHP version in the workspace

Switching PHP versions in the workspace is easy.

For a single command

Simply prefix your command with the PHP version you would like to use.

7.4 composer install

For your entire shell session

If you're going to be working with a specific PHP version in the workspace, instead of prefixing every command with the PHP version, run . <php-version>

. 7.4