magicLAMP includes a local S3-compatible object storage server powered by MinIO. This is especially useful if your application will store files in S3 as it allows you to use the same APIs that you will use in production as well as support for pre-signed URLs.

S3 Endpoint: s3.localhost


By default, the S3 SDK will use a subdomain style endpoint to access your bucket. In magicLAMP, you will need to use "path style" endpoints. This can be configured in your S3 configuration. In PHP/Laravel, this option can be used by setting use_path_style_endpoint to true.

Accessing the GUI

MinIO has a built-in GUI which you can access at s3.localhost. Here you can create buckets, manage and upload files and more.


You can configure the access key and secret used to access the S3 server in the .env file, under S3_ACCESS_KEY and S3_SECRET_KEY

Change where files are stored

You can change where files uploaded to your local S3 server are stored in the .env file, under S3_DATA_DIR.

By default, files will be stored in data/s3.